About the Book

Craps for Vacationers Dice Las Vegas Style by DiceDreamer

Imagine the thrill as the dice roll down the table…

When they stop…they tell your fate… 7, 11, craps!

Do you know how to set and throw the dice to avoid that fateful seven?

Can you withstand the financial roller coaster at the dice table?

Do you know strategies to help make you a winner?

Gambling at craps is an exciting pastime for many people, and perhaps a business to some. Author DiceDreamer has created a unique book entitled Craps for Vacationers Dice Las Vegas Style for travelers and anyone who likes to gamble. The book emphasizes techniques to make the experience at the craps table more rewarding.

Craps for Vacationers Dice Las Vegas Style opens with the basics of the game of craps, introducing to the readers bets, game strategy, dice tossing, and money management. This book will allow beginners to become acquainted with the casino setting and basic strategies, and experienced players to assess their play critically so that each can become winners at the table. Probability and the statistics of winning are outlined. Unique aspects of the book include evaluating table conditions before initiating play, developing criteria for finding potentially profitable tables, demonstrating data from a random roller compared to a dice-influencing roller, and providing resources with commentary for further reading on craps. Simple and clear illustrations augment the discussions. The book also covers techniques for dice throwing, table demeanor, fun Las Vegas family activities, a quiz to test your knowledge and much more. It is an easy and enjoyable read interjected with humorous real-life dice table stories.

Take a gamble, read the book, and walk away with tips and strategies to enhance your skill and potential profitability at the craps table.